Topic: The Benetton store as the Place for Limitless Experiences.

Talking points:

  • The Benetton store as the Place for Limitless Experiences
  • Benetton Live Windows (2010-2013), a pioneering project about retail experience design
  • Social Blindness: overwhelmed by images, we can hardly remember visual-only experiences
  • We remember with the Body: the role for the bodily movement in creating new and memorable experiences
  • Technologies: What do we need to allow a dialogue between brand and customer, store and people


Giovanni Flore is a project manager and design researcher and has been collaborating with the Benetton Group as an independent contractor since 2008. He currently manages a digital signage network comprising around 60 Benetton stores across the world. At Fabrica (the Benetton’s research communication centre) he coordinated in 2010-13 Benetton Live Windows, a project designed for creative experiences in front of the stores, using interactive applications and non-commercial contents. This awarded case history has demonstrated the power of both emotional involvement and bodily movement in creating memorable experiences for the users.