Alexey Panfilovov, Commercial Director,  WorldMirrorGroup


Presentation: Effective content: how to force your screens work on you. Case-study: Oceania shopping mall.


  • A new look at the Brand Book, taking into account the new features of modern media surfaces
  • Image and advertising content. Effective proportions
  • Quality of content. What can be considered compulsory and sufficient. Actual principles of animation for media facades. How much should the content be dynamic?
  • Adapt existing videos to non-standard tasks
  • The need to prepare unique content for media facades


Alexey graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics in 2002. In 2010 he defended his thesis, and became a Candidate of Economic Sciences. Since 2012, he is the commercial director of the company Worldmirrorgroup.

About company:

WorldMirrorGroup is a company of unique professionals in all production of video content directions. Formation of the team started in 2000s in federal television. The main areas of the WorldMirrorGroup work for today are: production of high-quality graphics, advertising shootings, content production for nonstandard media screens, content adaptation and the maintenance of a round-the-clock broadcast.